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Lynn Seiser wrote:
IMHO, find a Sempai who has also trained in FMA. Attend some seminars, read books, watch videos about different styles of knife work. Get over your own fear about the blade. It takes time. Be patient. Expect to get cut.
The whole point of knife fighting is ot not get cut. Period. Nicknack cuts mean nothing, but I wouldn't set out with an "expect to get cut" mindframe.

Dainius Jurksa wrote:
The post shouldn't be edited, because the guy's sharing information. Editing posts can easily end up as a forum-wide censoring campaign, which is really harmful to the community. Also, the info is quite valuable even if you don't intend to kill someone in the near future

I agree with the thought that the first approach should be non-lethal. Especially when you're an aikidoka and know how to... convince a man to relinquish his knife.
If you wanted the info that bad, you could pick up a copy of Gray's Anatomy.

Keith Kolb wrote:
The ONLY reason I would use a knife in this way is if the person in front of me had the same idea. This is why I emphasized speed. Kill him before he kills you. If this idea makes you uneasy, I would recommend perfecting your unarmed knife defense techniques and forget about how to use a knife offensively: knife fighting isn't for you.
I take Panburen and Sayoc Kali, knife fighting is for me. I just suggest an initial non-lethal approach to save the person from setting in prison for 3 years awaiting a trial. You don't just rush in to someone with a knife. It'll get you killed, and quckly.

I assumed that as an aikidoka, deescalation would always be the first option. But if deescalation always worked, there would be no need for us to study technique. It is possible that you may be in a situation where armed physical conflict is unavoidable.
I'm not an Aikidoka, however I do respect life. I'm not saying sometimes violence can be unavoidable, I'm simply saying it's better to try everything, rather than just assuming the resolute is to kill the person.

Slashing at the knife hand is a wonderful technique, as is slashing at the non-knife hand, or any other body part that your enemy is foolish enough to dangle in front of you. As I said, entire books could (and have) been written on the subject. I can't go over everything in a single post, so I chose the techniques that I thought most definitively end the conflict.
To me, using a knife in a non-lethal manner is a contradiction. Slashing at the hand is a deterrent, but doesn't do much more than superficial damage. The tendons are hard to get to, and even if cut the tendons on the back of the hand attach to muscles that OPEN the hand, so your enemy will still be able to grip his knife even if you cut him deep. Adrenaline or drugs may make the pain from this slash inconsequential. There's a good chance that you'll have to kill the bastard if you can't run and want to survive.
If you want to use non-lethal technique, throw the damn knife away. But if you insist, I think that knowing where the lethal strikes go will only help with your goal of using a knife non-lethally. If you don't want to kill the poor sod, don't cut him here, here, or here, etc. I still think that (not necessarily limited to) the strikes I listed are the best way to end an unavoidable conflict quickly, definitively, and with your safety in mind.
I know that slashing the fingers, back of the hand, forearm, etc. are nicknack's...however when that person sees their hand cut wide open, they might think twice about what they're doing. I just suggested non-lethal knife use because he's a security gaurd. His job is to secure the area and detain criminal presence. And while lethal force could be condoned, it would be best if he would try to keep people breathing.

I don't think many criminals increase their criminal IQ from information gathered from a martial art dedicated to peace and harmony. Nor would simply viewing the information that I have posted do them much good without much, much practice. Anyone dedicated enough to spend the time and effort needed to become a proficient knife fighter probably would do so without my help.
Cutting someone's Common Carotid is hardly peaceful or harmonious.
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