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Re: Knife Work

Thomas Dixon wrote:
The first target you should always go for is the one closest to you: their hand. If they are unable to wield a weapon effectively, the fight is over, obtain their weapon and detain them. A non-lethal approach is always a first measure, and lethal entry should be viable from your non-lethal stand point.

Only reason I think your post should be edited, would be because you never know who's looking at these forums. It could be a convicted felon wanting to improve his "criminal I.Q"...But you could just send the guy a PM.

The post shouldn't be edited, because the guy's sharing information. Editing posts can easily end up as a forum-wide censoring campaign, which is really harmful to the community. Also, the info is quite valuable even if you don't intend to kill someone in the near future

I agree with the thought that the first approach should be non-lethal. Especially when you're an aikidoka and know how to... convince a man to relinquish his knife.
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