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Chris Sawyer wrote:
I have been studying Aikido for one year now, and I am really starting to get interested in knife work. This is mainly because I work for a security company, and I thought it would be best to at least know the basics of how I would be able to best defend myself about a knife attack. Now that I have looked into it, began studying, and recieved very valuable and interesting information from Sempai at my dojo, I know that I am interested in studying knife work in general and also learning how to use a knife.

I have noticed that Aikido and knife work compliment eachother with different techniques.

Any advise for a dedicated beginner?
Definately check out the FMA's (Filipino Martial Arts). I'd suggest Sayoc Kali, since it's mostly Small knife based. You can find certified instructors at or if there are none near you, buy one of their training vids. Otherwise, almost any other filipino martial art includes knife, except Modern Arnis, which is mostly stick. The movements for stick and knife are mostly the same, however you'll actually work with knives (aluminum trainers) in other systems.
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