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Re: Which Dogi?

DanielR wrote:
Bu Jin; love the zipper pants.
My Bu Jin pants are...
Sorry: I meant that though the Bu-Jin pants are doubled at the knees, they are not doubled from the knee all the way down to the bottom hem of the pants, like Iwata.

Don't get me wrong; I think Bu-Jin stuff is great ( I have 2 full Gis from them, paid my CDN$ pesos for them too!), but like most pants that fit me well otherwise, the patches fail at the lower seem...right where my knees pivot on them for shikko. I am 6 ft, 34 in. waist, 175lbs. Not huge, not tiny, just average, and every single darn pants I have owned (not just Bu-Jin in fairness) fail in the same darn spots.

My Iwata pants are the closest I have come to that hakama-like sensation of multiple layers of fabric sliding nicely (ahh, how I miss the ASU hakama-before-shodan days).
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