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Thankyou Shuan, very interesting (without being wishy-washy!) I wonder if Jun would consider accepting one of Shuans submisions within the 'training' or 'spiritual' section outside the discussion board?

Also, my girlfriend has recently got into alot of alternative therapy stuff and has this weird book on folk medicine (western). It constantly goes on about making the blood more alkaline for health. If anyone is interested here are a few tips:

-eat apples, grapes etc (rather than oranges and citrus fruit which is acidic)

-eat natural honey

-absolutely the best thing is cider vinegar (you can buy it at health food stores)

P.S. only take around 2 tea-spoons of cider vinegar a day (I tried half a cup full and it made me gag).

P.P.S I didn't really notice any difference, but I didn't have the patience to try it for more than 1 week.


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