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Damion Lost (Ghost Fox) wrote:
Is it possible for someone's karmic development to become stagnant during an incarnation?

Rather than allowing said person to develop more karmic debt, is it "allowable" to release his spirit from their current incarnation in hopes of futhering his spiritual development?

That sounds like a very lame justification for murder. Regardless of what you believe happens to the spirit, "releasing" it still requires killing the body -- something that's illegal in most areas. Who am I (or you, or anyone, really) to take it upon myself to decide whose spirit needs to be released?

Regarding the original story: I view stories like this the same way I would a fable or parable. The motives of the teacher are enigmatic (and a little passive-aggressive), but the lesson to the student is very clear. One should be humble, not bully, and use one's skills for good instead of evil. After all, there's always somebody better than you.



-Drew Ames
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