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Steven & Ron's thread

Ron .. YOU SUX ... LOL!

Sorry -- nothing exciting going on here, but I did get you to look... so SUE ME.

I figured since everyone else is beginning to start their own threads I'd be really creative ... ... and start one with a couple of Yoshinthugs or whatever you call us.

Let's see. I like Ron. Though we've never met, we've e-mailed and chatted on the phone numerous times. I consider him a bud. We've never challenged each other, or threatened to call each others employers to get the other fired. We've never threatened to sue each other or challenged each others techniques. Never threatened to drag each other teachers and organizations to court, nor whined about each other on an open forum.

Hmmmm ... he's better looking but I have more hair on the head. Over all .. I LOVE YOU MAN!


Sorry Jun ... thought I'd lighten things up a bit all things considered. Feel free to delete.
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