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The Iron Hand Technique ( Illustration )


This thread do not talk about aikido but talk about a concept in martial arts I thought it might interest some ppl here

Have you ever wondered how can Karate and Kung Fu practitioners break woods and bricks by their bare hands ? Well at least I wondered a lot as a martial artist and a doctor how can the human hand tolerate such a big trauma and still in one piece??

I had one instructional DVD about how they train for such martial art practice they call the techniques for breaking is the ( Iron Hand ) Technique the idea has many rules and it's not done haphazardly one rule which is this illustration about is the formation of ( Callus ) in the hands

Callus is a new bone formation after bone fracture they hit parts of their hands in bricks and woods for a long time daily which will causes small fractures in the hand bones leading to formation of new and stronger bone in the area of the fracture and by this the bones of the hand become so strong to tolerate such trauma of course there are other things like type of material for breaking and the angel of impact ect . But here I wanted to illustrate the anatomical part of famous ( Iron Hand )

This illustration I did for medical curiosity reasons and to present it in a lecture ... it clarifies this concept ... I hope u like it ( click to enlarge ) :


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