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Re: Healing power of Aikido

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Is Aikido training known to heal the sick? I've heard stories of several people who found Aikido to cure many sicknesses they had or were experiencing.


Well aikido is a martial art therefore healing it's not its initial purpose as it is in reiki,siatsu e.t.c,but it can be a good aftereffect if you are training seriously.Ukemi gives a stimulating effect on the inner organs(as Steven Seagal sensei often states) and the jumbi undo (or jumbi taiso) exercices are helping the body to return to a natural condition.
Also, choices that one can make based on his aikido influences such as a healthy nutrition have helped people overcome serious sickness,there is at least one known aikido teacher who overcame a deadly illness with the combination of practice and nutrition that were both parts of his aikido way of living.
Personally,i know even more stories but wouldn't like to comment further on a public forum...
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