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I'm taught that:

Ayumiashi is a "normal" step, for example you advance from hidarihanmi to migihanmi;

Okuriashi is a "side" step - you make two steps, not changing the hanmi;

Tsugiashi is a "small" step, you don't change the hanmi stance while making "tsugi-ashi";

Tenkaiashi is "turning around" - you make "tsugiashi", look backwards, then turn your hips;

Tenkan'ashi is "turning around with one step backwards" - you make a "tenkai-ashi" then "ayumi-ashi" backwards;

Irimi tenkan is "tenkan'ashi" after "ayumi-ashi".

in Aikido Tankyu #17, p.28 (Irimi), Doshu says that you enter with "Okuri ashi" (when UKE ends his attack in Gyaku-hanmi).

The way Simon wrote.

In another dojo I saw Okuriashi (what I mean about Okuriashi) called "Ayumi-ashi".

And so on.

I've also heard the word "Suriashi" or "Shuriashi" (I'm not sure which one is the correct one)
and "Kaiten-ashi"...


If I'm not right - I'm wrong

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