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Re: Harmony with Nature and the Universe

Is the universe and nature harmonious and peaceful? When you look at the stars at night do you see harmony and peace. In the forest, desert, lakes and oceans do the creatures that live there do so in a nonviolent way with each other?
When I look at the stars at night I see countless points of light. They remind me of how tiny, and insignificant I am in the vast expanse of the universe. Its a good reminder not to take myself too seriously; in the grand context of the universe none of us is really that important.

I dunno' about the universe, but I've watched enough animal specials on Discovery Channel to know that there is plenty of violence in the forests, deserts, lakes and oceans of our world. Ever watch a pride of lions chow down on a zebra? Or witness a crocodile snatch a wildebeest from the shore of a river? Or see a shark chomp a chunk out of a tuna? Whoohoo! "Nature" is nothing if not brutal and violent (of course it isn't only these things).

Why do you ask?


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