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Allen Beebe
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Re: Harmony with Nature and the Universe

George S. Ledyard wrote: View Post
The whole issue depends on your point of view... In the larger sense the whole Universe is in a balance in which every piece is connected to every other piece.

Yet, the whole is made up of component parts which are constantly being created and uncreated in the sense that there is nothing which isn't changing form all of the time. Nothing is static or unchanging.

So from the limited human perspective which is fragile and transitory in the extreme, it all seems incredibly violent. But that is within our own hearts not really a reflection of what is. It is an emotional reaction of fear that comes from attachment, an attempt to find permanence where there is none.

Spiritual practice is largely about trying to come to terms with this issue. In the end "harmony" is how you describe what is out there but "peace" needs to be in your heart. It's how you choose to relate to the constant change which is a fact of existence.
Yes . . . and still it is perhaps best if one guards against even this becoming an extreme view that can potentially allow for, or excuse, the worst potentials of human behavior in a way similar to those adopting the reverse view in the extreme. In other words, if I create suffering in the name of "truth" or if I create suffering because, in the end, there is no "ultimate truth," I've still created suffering.

~ Allen Beebe
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