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Re: New Internal Style of The Wooden Staff

Tenyu Hamaki wrote: View Post

Initially I didn't understand why the high ranking people here were so upset and passing judgement on matters they knew nothing about. The reason has become transparent to me as I'm sure has been already for many others witnessing this thread.

I am at the forefront of developing the Staff of Aikido in the world, it is a matter of fact, not a matter of hierarchy.
Do you understand now? I'm all for someone taking something to a new level, or style etc. Allow me to explain.

If I was to announce to the world I had a new advanced way of the staff I would have to recognise certain things.

1. If it isn't the same as O'Sensei did, of which he gave the principles to one teacher then I couldn't relate it to such.

2. If it's based on a form learned elsewhere and yet through your own realizations become a new style the you could indeed call it a new style. You could also say it has principles based on those you learned and point out the new ones.

3. So all new ways are infants. If they are better than what went before is not your choice. It is only the choice of others.

4. So you no doubt have a new way. Good for you. Promoting it as you do is thus in my opinion your failure especially as you call it a fact. This only gives the impression of arrogance or delusion.

CONCLUSION: If you stuck to reality and just offered it as a new way which you believe may help others in (what you believe it does) then they may not feel so offended.

Promoting it as you do is all very good for the ego but not very useful to others.

I am sure if you just promote it with humility, just as it is, a new way of the staff, then some may be attracted to try it and either they or you will learn if your reality is true.

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