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I learnt a valuable but unpleasant lesson

Hi folks,

So I learnt a lesson a couple of days ago that I won't forget. I was walking through the back service tunnels of a mall (shortcut in and out) with a friend of mine and without going into the embarrassing but funny details of how it occurred, I was unbalanced and tripped over.

Specifically it was the kind of trip where you run forward whilst knowing you're going down in a futile attempt to stay upright. Unfortunately for me there was a metal cladded concrete wall ahead and when I hit the ground hard, my forehead hit the wall. I jumped up quite embarrassed and quickly moved on a bit stunned for a few moments.

No exaggeration, my friend had a laughing fit for the next five minutes straight after watching me fall, scone myself and end up with a significant red lump on my forehead with the metal cladding pattern etched onto it. She said that it was the most comically dramatic fall that she's ever seen. I went to the doctors for a quick checkup for obvious reasons afterwards.

Anyways, this event has reinforced to me the importance of ukemi and how affective Aikido could be. Ukemi because I now believe that accidental falls may almost pose more of a risk that the threat of attack. How many times do we accidentally fall? I think lots, I've had three accidental falls in the last 5 years (and have never been attacked) and the other two I would have been a lot more injured if it wasn't for my ukemi training, I strongly believe this. The most recent fall, although I went down hard onto concrete, my head bump was the only injury, knees and hands are fine.

Regarding Aikido effectiveness, I was simply unbalanced (my own embarrassing fault) and I fell down hard. The floor (and walls) can provide a powerful and unforgiving blow when falling. Some Aikido techniques obviously include unbalancing and throwing an opponent. I think it is easy to forget how effective and dangerous aikido can be when practicing rehearsed kata onto soft mats using ukemi. The uke is not injured due to these factors.

What are your thoughts on ukemi and Aikido effectiveness? Have you ever had a similar epiphany?

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