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Re: Ichi no ken ?

sorry, I didn't see your replie ...

Cliff Judge wrote: View Post its aikiken now. Informed / flavored by some principals of the Kashima Shinryu.
I'm not sure: Do you yourself practice this form swordwork in your line of aikido?
If so, I'm at a loss with your statement.

Because in our practice (following Endo shihan and Tissier shihan) the distinction between the ken jutsu coming from Inaba sensei and aiki ken is always made clear.
And this distinction is explicitly taught. It's just a different way to use the sword and to understand the swordwork. (It's just as different from aikiken as TSKSR is.)

In very very short words aikiken teaches ki musubi. The ken jutsu of Inaba sensei teaches kiri otoshi.

No. I am not beholden to the Kashima Shinryu and I will say anything I want to about their art, whether or not it is practiced under their auspices.
Hm, but they claim that it isn't their art and that the name is used without permission.
So are you able to decide, who is right?

I think we're having the branding issue again. Here's what I propose:
kenjutsu - kata and waza performed to study how to kill a man with a sword
aikiken - kata and waza that are performed to study aikido principals
Oh ...
Every kata I know ends with the killing of uchi dachi. Be it aiki ken or ken jutsu.
But the ken jutsu cuts just through the attakc of uchi dachi.
The aiki ken tries to blend with the attack.
The aiki ken I know uses go no sen. Ken jutsu tries to use sen no sen.
And more such difference.

Therefore, if Inaba Sensei bows to the shomen and claps twice, then any practice of swordwork that he leads the class in until the next time he bows to the shomen and claps twice, is aikiken.
What about bowing and clapping???
This is part of how to behave in the dojo. And does say nothing about what is practiced???

I think you mean "I am not sure what Tissier and Inaba are doing can be seen as mainstream aikiken" and I don't see why not. its at least as relevant to many of us as what Saito's folks are doing.
In Europe only few people follow Tissier. And he is the only shihan over here teaching the derivate of KSR stemming from Inaba sensei.
Where I live we have more then twenty dojo teaching aikido. We are the only ones who do this form of kenjutsu.
Even not everyone following Tissier does it. There are also a lot of people practicing TSKSR or just aikiken.

There's no such thing as "Yagyu ryu kenjutsu," FYI. Do you mean Yagyu Shinkage Ryu, or Yagyu Shingan Ryu?
Yes, I 'm aware oft that, but I'm not sure which one he practiced.

That's really neat when you think about it. Its kind of like how O Sensei broke from Takeda and only took the first set of Daito ryu kata with him.
But iIt's not that the (aikido) kata changed. It's more about the "spirit". It's about "how does aikido feel".
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