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Re: Ichi no ken ?

Okay, I checked those clips and they are nothing like it. Also I search 5 kumitachi exercises - they are also nothing like it.
I searched Ichi, ni, san, no ken, no direct result.

Hmmm. These were taught by Sensai Sugano.
Each exercise has a student and teacher, student makes the first move, teacher always 'dies' at the end,

1. S moves in to break mai, T moves back. S attacks the top of head and T holds his sword horizontal (this is mai and target exercise). T cuts down, S receives. T slips sword tip under S's sword to other side and lunges at chest. S steps back and deflects, then lunges back, T steps back and deflects. S offers arm, T moves in to cut arm, S steps off line and cuts to T's head.

2. As above but T does not hold sword horizontal over head but steps back and cuts down as well. Continues as in 1

3. The same but T follows his first thrust with a leg attack, S, deflects and continues to end as above.

4. Same as 2 but on other side.

5. Same as 2 but T slips straight in and S drops tip and folds back to an outside deflection (his arms end up crossed and tip points down). Ends the same as others.

Is this familiar to anyone here?

(Sorry, not down with the correct Japanese terminology for each movement)
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