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Re: Aikido - Martial Arts - Fighting

I am almost 31 years old, and I have lived most of my life in Miami, a city probably in the top 10 in the US for danger from attackers. I have never been seriously assaulted in my life, and only tormented by an older brother as I grew up...tormented without cease, but I was never decked or seriously injured. As I would work on model military airplanes with the requisite complete focus, I remember once he wouldn't leave me be or get out of my room, and I slashed his finger with my X-Acto knife. Blood everywhere and I didn't care; happy that he left my room with a whimper. The only other time I got violent in response to his attack was lashing his torso repeatedly with the buckle end of my belt until he was on the floor, and then followed with a few bonus lashes. Some of my friends were only children and told me how lucky I was to have a brother. I assured them they were the lucky ones. When I got to high school and thereafter, my brother had matured in how he treated me. Now we are still not much alike, but close buds nonetheless.

New subject: guns. Carrying a lightweight, chambered, decocked, and ready to fire compact handgun can save a person's life and ruin it in a millisecond. Like in golf, staying in the fairway (not putting oneself in danger) is ideal. The pros cannot even do this 80% of the time. Once in the rough (a dangerous situation), the first thing to do is get out of the trees and onto the fairway. For someone who constantly hits the ball into the dense woods or out-of-bounds, they can practice more until they are in the fairway or light rough less often, or carry a Remington marine shotgun in their bag for defense against savage wild animals or, metaphorically, deadly aggrressive people.

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