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Re: Blood Thinners (Coumadin, etc)

Blood thinners can be used to reduce people from a hypercoagulable state (more likely to clot) to a normal one, but most often they are used in people who have a reason why a normal clot would be a problem such as following vascular surgery, heart valve replacement, etc. In these patients, the therapeutic goal is to make them less likely to clot. The plan is to make them only slightly less likely to clot, but there is a range. There fore the recommendation is to avoid activities that could lead to bruising or bleeding. For example, if you suffered a blow to the head while on blood thinners you would be more likely to bleed into the brain or if you received a cut you would be less likely to stop bleeding. Some blood thinners are less likely to produce an increased risk for bleeding and some are more likely. Monitoring is needed to reassess the clotting ability to determine if there is increased risk of bleeding and if dose adjustments may be needed. Check with your doctor and be frank about the extent of your activities. I find most non martial artists really have very little idea of what we do. My favorite example was after I had my wisdom teeth out and my dentist told me I could return to normal activity the following week. I asked if it was okay to get kicked in the jaw. He said, "No! Of course not! Is that likely to happen?" When I told him it did occur on a relatively regular basis and I just needed to know how long to avoid if for, he recanted and told me not to return to MY normal activities for 6-8 weeks!

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