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Re: Blood Thinners (Coumadin, etc)

Peter Rehse wrote: View Post
So Joe - without getting into personal stuff - has your dose changed because of the monitoring and did you ever have troubles with a higher dose.
Hi Peter,
For some reason my dosage fluctuates.I take between 6mg for 6days, 7mg on a Sunday. I also find the hospital adjusts the dosage every now and again.i get checks averaging every the.four weeks,
i hate the tablet , taste horrible.When I first went on warfarin I thought I would suffer hair loss. I dont have thick hair so I did not feel happy about losing the barnet [hair ]I have.Still, I could always ask Steven Seagal for one of his old rugs if push comes to shove.I might cut a dashing figure? As it happens I am on so much medication,statins, kidney pills, I rattle when I move.
Not on V,,,,.A, Tried swallowing a couple tablets a few years ago.Ended up with a stiff neck, Cheers, Joe,
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