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- katate dori nikkyo - easy to do and enables a quick escape

- tenchi-nage (with palm strike to chin/nose)

- kote-gaeshi (gets you out of way and always option to break wrist)

- ikkyo (especially from rear chokes - a very common attack on women).

- katate dori sankyo (going under arm rather than into ikkyo first- very simple)

- how to do a simple rear choke

- irimi-nage (with choke/neck break to finish)


- yokomen uchi attack to neck (may need to develop strength for this)

- palm strike to nose/chin

- punch to jaw (vertical fist)

- punch to solar plexus(vertical fist/single knuckle)

- kick to groin/knee

body reactions:

-moving off centre-line


- extension excercises (just extending against partner)

Most of these techniques can be effective very quickly, espcially if done viciously. Military self-defence tactics usually focus on striking the neck as hard and as many times as possible until they are down and then kicking them in the temple.

I feel it is a shame leaving sokumen irimi nage out since it is such a useful technique, however I think it can take some time to learn.

---understanding aikido is understanding the training method---
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