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Re: Tenjin-shinyo ryu Jujutsu

Extant means exists. Extinct means not exists. Ueshiba studied only a few months as a youth. TSR is the roots of judo, not aikido.

Mark Greenwood wrote: View Post
Tenshin Shinyo-ryu is still extant. If you get a videotape, you will see that there is little relationship between TSR and aikido, yoshinkan or otherwise. Different body mechanics altogether - even if Ueshiba had learned more than a sickly youth's three month's worth.

Tenjin Shinyo Ryu is not extant, I attended the summer Gasshuku a week ago. Having practised Aikido for 15 years you can see where Ueshiba Sensei took a lot from it. It is said that Ueshiba studied for over 10 years. With regards to different body mechanics, this is also not true.

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