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Re: Sumo: light vs heavy and IS?

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It sounds like a lot of what interests you in "Aiki" is the fact that it's special, unique and different then anything anyone else could do. If you found out that "Aiki" was something very simple, that anyone could do, but few ever realized it, would you be interested in studying it?
No. I am not interested in IS and Aiki because others can't do it.
a) others can do it
b) that isn't a motivator for me.

What interests me in IS and Aiki:
1. Is that it is powerful, soft, and controlling.
2. Is that it works very well in combatives
3. Is that it is mentally and physically challenging
4. Is that as I am aging I am actually better than I was when I was younger
5. That it is devastatingly effective to an opponent-yet very good for my health/body
6. That it relieves stress
7. That it has a long proven history
8. You can train the primary tenants of it..... solo.
9. Last -and to answer your point-
Another benefit (not the motivator) is that few know it and can use it well. However, this is not a reason for me to be interested in something. Now, were more and more people to know it and be able to use it?
Then it would not just interest me-it would be a requirement to be capable in budo. And I think that is where we are heading.

As I (and I believe a lot of others) describe "Aiki",.... it is available to everyone.
I understand that VERY well Chris. isn't aiki or IS as mentioned (but not displayed) in the OP video.
a) I understand what you are describing,
b) You don't understand what IS and aiki was and is in a classical model.
Hence my comment that aiki as you and others describe it is actually a re-defining of the term. Nothing I have read as source material agrees with your definitions. In fact most speak outright against it.

Ueshiba was clear in describing his models.
1. When asked to define it; he drew a circle and described it as opposing powers (in you).
2. When asked, he said the mysteries of aiki are revealed in dual opposing spirals (in you)
3. When asked he said it was in Heaven/earth/man which released the mountain echo (in you).
4. When asked he said no one is following him because they do not understand yin and yang...(refer back to #1 and #2 #3)
Everything you think IS and aiki is... comes after. And it has nothing to do with two peoples movements "blending" like you think it does. Ueshiba was clear that his models resulted in him EXERTING HIS WILL.

Everything I just laid out isn't even Ueshiba's alone. He was quoting work that created other budo giants through the ages in different cultures....through same model. Hence..they "got it" too.

I have spent a large part of my life trying to understand this very simple thing, Aiki.
Me too. So have hundreds of other teachers I have met. I'd say understanding the above quotes is a good beginning. I know many Shihan and other teachers who trained (some up to 40 years) who said "Time to start over!"
And they were VERY happy to do so.
I understand that there is a huge movement that does not follow Ueshiba and doesn't care. I understand that there are those who want to follow Ueshiba's model but don't know how. I also think there are those who are starting to get what he was really talking about and they are chasing the old man again!!!

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