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Re: Tenjin-shinyo ryu Jujutsu

In any event, Morihei remained in Tokyo for only about a year and did not find the business world to his liking. Noteworthy of his stay in Tokyo was the fact that he began his formal martial arts training when he enrolled in the Tenjin Shinyo-ryu jujutsu school of Tokusaburo Tozawa (1848-1912).* Morihei's practice was relatively short—only a few months—and he soon contracted beriberi at which time he returned to Tanabe to recuperate. Pranin

Tenshin Shinyo-ryu is still extant. If you get a videotape, you will see that there is little relationship between TSR and aikido, yoshinkan or otherwise. Different body mechanics altogether - even if Ueshiba had learned more than a sickly youth's three month's worth.

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