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Re: Transmission, Inheritance, Emulation 10

One other point
a friend of mine just P.M.'d me that my first posts read as if I were emphasizing more that -most deshi might not have known weapons work. Far enough. What I was -ineptly- trying to stress is that you don't hear that possibility as much as the continued search for a source for mastery or pedagogy of assumed mastery-similar to what was don with Ueshiba's history. So in trying to stress that point I might have overly stressed the other. Hopefully, my later post clarified my points better.

Research has regularly shown these guys many times had far less training time-in in Aikido, than was thought. Some as little as five years of study before being sent out to teach. This again creates any number of conditions for sourcing weapons work. From koryu study gained from outside teachers, koryu studies in a limited fashion from within the aikikai, on to making things up, to perhaps any combination thereof. If we think of the Dojo as a melting pot of young toughs training there who all had various backgrounds, it is reasonable to think of guys picking up a little of this or a lot of that according to there interest and blending it all together.

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