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Jorge Garcia
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kokyudosa-kokyuho ?

When I was in USAF Midwest division under Akira Tohei, they would call the last tachnique of class that most all are familiar with kokyudosa-kokyuho. Under Hiroshi Kato seseni, we call it suwariwaza- kokyuho (pardon if my spelling is wrong). My question for those of you who speak Japanese is- what is the difference between these two names?
Incidentally, both of these teachers believe this technique is very important. Tohei sensei once said in my presence that this technique was the essence of Aikido in that in it, "You take your partner from where he is and you move him to where you want him to be , without using force."
Kato sensei thinks that it is so important, that he does it as the first technique in every class (sitting) and the first technique done standing as well.

"It is the philosophy that gives meaning to the method of training."
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