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Aikido from a chair.

I have an intermediate level class to teach in the very near future and was wondering if anyone had any information or thoughts on Aikido techniques from a sitting position, like a chair or a stool. I seem to recall hearing about being able to teach Aikido to those who are wheelchair bound, but I have been unable to find any information on this subject. Another reason I am asking this question is that I have a bum ankle that every couple of years or so must remind me I'm not a young as I use to be. And while exhibiting as much Aikifinesse as I could in the comfort of my own home, I twisted the living ki out of it, again. It's still tender so I thought it would be interesting to explore Aikido from a sitting position.

My first thoughts are along the lines that the "techniques" would be very similar to suwari-waza or hanmi-handachi, but with less movement? As there would be no knee walking around the mat or tenkan available.

Just looking for some input.

Thanks - yours in Aikihood

Steve Nelson

Steve Nelson
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