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Re: Yonkyo nerve pinch

Since anyone can be trained to be yonkyo proof-shouldn't the goal of a teacher be to teach everyone in their group to be lock proof? I mean assuming they know how- being martial artists and all-wouldn't that be a nifty thing to teach people instead of teaching them to "receive" marginally successful and highly questionable wrist thingy's?
Another method in teaching that is questionable to me is you hear teachers telling people how they don't concentrate on causing pain with wrist thingy's, but rather capturing center albeit subtle or not. So, interestingly enough is "that which receives-feeds." So all the attributes are in place for the teachers to teach folks to stop the teacher dead in their tracks while they are attempting controls of any kind. I would imagine that over time all would enjoy the end result. Which would be a much higher level of usable skills that would transfer to things then far past simple wrist lock resistence or application -but rather a much greater resistence to all manner of throws and thence issuing of power.

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