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Aikido or Aikiki?

I have not been to train at my dojo this month due to financial situations. But one thing that I have been debating is returning to the same Aikido dojo, or trying out another dojo in town that is affiliated with the United States Aikido Federation. Where I trained at was headed by Sensei Bill Sosa who I am sad to say that he passed away recently. He trained under Isao Takahashi, Koichi Tohei, and Rod Kobayashi. My dojo has it's own style, which is an offshoot of Seidokan Aikido. I liked training there very much because of the people and the instruction I receive. I have only been there a few months, and was wondering if it is to early for me to try another style, or should I stay where I'm at?
Tell me if I'm wrong, but if I understand it correctly, the USAF is Aikiki based. Is this way different from Aikido?
I might also mention that this USAF affiliated dojo is $25/month cheaper. Have any of you trained under different Aikido styles, or do you try to stay in the same style.

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