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Re: applying aikido in real street fights

after reading this thread, i came to the most obvious conclusion

let's take 2 Aikido students

one is an accountant who kisses the wife & kids goodbye every morning before he leaves his house in the nice, safe suburbs in his nice car & does accountant-type things before going to Aikido practice maybe on Mondays & Wednesdays for an hour each day (because it is not tax season); if he is real lucky, he gets to go to class every other Saturday for 90 minutes

two is a corrections officer in a maximum-security prison who deals with violent, offenders most of whom would like nothing more then to either kill or seriously maim him on a daily basis; he works 50 or more hours a week because he needs the overtime to pay his mortgage & he trains approximately 5 hours per week in the Aikido dojo

if i had to bet my house on who would be better in a "real-life" situation after 14 years of Aikido training, i think betting on No.2 would be the biggest no-brainer in the history of the world

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