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Re: Aikido™ and Aiki…do. Where are we at?


I'm certainly not saying you don't have it. I have no idea who has it or not and to what depth unless I work out with that person. And people change. I remember when I really disliked Ikeda sensei's ikkyo - now I like it very much. Did he change, did I - probably both.

Those rules makes perfect sense when he does such things to me. But when I go to do them, I was left with other hints like - let your arms drop by their weight alone - the various ki society principles (which are good to test but not so great for getting you there directly), put your mind here (which I wasn't 100% buying into), stand like this, etc.

The whole thing seemed to be a trial and error approach with many metaphores. We would swing kesagiri and he could tell by the sound of the cut on our partner's sword if we were improving or not. I couldn't tell myself. When things started looking good, Gleason sensei will take ukemi to feel it and check it out. He gives great help - but it is in his model where he has expressed that it is best for us to find these things ourselves. I don't think I am physically or mentally talented to do that in any QUICK way.

I like his way. His power and finesse are wonderful. I also like Dan's way and I think I have a chance of learning such things much more quickly because of it.

I'm sure that people like yourself and William Hazen have some good aiki yourselves. I think if you were to meet Dan you'd probably be surpised at the degree of aiki he commands. Maybe not, but I'd bet some money on it. Regardless, if not, aikido needs more people with aiki, and if Dan is helping me, then he's fundamentally on your side (the side of building up more aikido folks with good aiki), right?

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