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Re: A quick question regarding UK policemen.

Simon Whitaker Sensei of Cambridge was at the last UKExtensions bash leading a workshop on "Aikido and Security." He is an ex-police officer and a yondan that works in the security sytem - recommend contacting him through the Cambridge Aiki dojo web site if this is an area of serious interest to anyone.

As understand it the amount of self defense and deescalation training most police officers receive is a few hours per year if they're lucky. IE - woeful. What training they do receive is often based on aikido/ jujitsu - so this may be the base of the story. There are of course a number of police officers like Whitaker Sensei who go and get trained of their own accord.


PS - Tell friend no, but that all Mounties now have to wrestle bears as part of their training :-)
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