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Re: O Sensei bokken

Petar Antunovic wrote: View Post
Hello Aikidoka's

For a long time I am looking for more information regarding this bokken (link below), but it seems that no one who has seen this bokken, or have some more photo.
I even sent two e-mails to the respected Stan Pranin from Aikido Journal, but there is no answer from him

I would be very grateful if anyone of you knows something more,

however, the first replica I made according to this picture, but I would like to know more detail, so that next be even better, and more accurate measures of the original bokken,

bokken is specific by one detail, which for me as a bokken maker quite intriguing.


I don't know much about weapons, but the particular thing I notice about this bokken, is that it's center of curvature is nearer to the hilt than usual (koshi-zori or bizen-zori). Is that the feature you are looking for?

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