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Re: Aikido IS a practical contemporary martial art

Warning!!! Warning!!! Warning!!!

Posting Alert!!!

The following post contains thoughts and ideas of a fellow human being which may be perceived as...thoughts and ideas of a fellow human being.

Proceed at your own risk!

Aikido? I think it's a very contemporary art. It was developed only what...70 years ago? That's about as contemporary as you can get in comparison to the many other martial arts of which a fair number have been around for millenia.

What's up with the MMA and UFP or UPF or whatever it is?

If those guys are for real why don't they ever tear each others' shoulders loose with a shihonage or a sankyu hold or their equivalent in jui jitsu? How come they don't do slamming kokyu throws which can kill people by breaking their necks?

Seriously...What is the point of any discussion concerning aikido in which it is compared to competitve sports/endeavors?

I mean, what is up with that?

What is up with me writing on this forum?

What is up with anything?

Aikido. Train to better oneself and to develop an ego as a "martial artist" that can be fed by other people with "martial artist" egos who are all part of the "martial artist ego club" and who absoultely know everything there is to know about aikido which explains why they keep telling each other what it is...?

Uh...does that make sense?

Fight. Real aikido. MMA. Phony aikido. Only established sensei knows anything about anything, ugh, ugh, reminds me of McClure poem, ugh, ugh and Ginsberg poem all wrapped up in one, Aikido I've given you everything, March 7, 2009 five dollars and forty three cents. Why can't I go into the store and buy my groceries with my ranking? Ugh, ugh.

And other Ginsberg poem, aikido I see the best minds of my generation starving naked hysterical craving spiritual delight atop the ki-filled dynamo of tatami and then losing all in talkfest forum. And O'Day poem, aikido you are real you are nothing you are terrifically tattooed traveling troops traipsing towards tinsletown under virgin wrappings extrapolating yonder zues.

You are not trees. Trees are constant. And they get cut down. No, you are like elegant water fed cut stone on the shore of a high mountain river bank. Getting polished by wind and rain, stream and sun.

There you go. All wrapped up into a big ball of love and wonder.


UFC, MMA, Aikido not real, Aikido real, no one knows anything except me, me, me, me and the other people in the meme club.

What's it all about?

Competition. It is absolutely rampant on these threads. It's a cryin' shame, if you ask me.

And's boring as hell.
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