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Re: Aikido Dojo Recruitment...????

Some see it as good, others as bad for Martial Arts in general, yet there is a strong increase in interest in marital arts because of the MMA UFC group.

My thoughts is that we can all learn from that, even if you may be someone who for reasons of non violence or whatever does not watch UFC. The people that become interested in it have very valid questions and we as Aikidoa should have the capacity to answer those questions. The days of a student learning in silence and submission are not the case any more, various questions will be asked about what works and what does not work and why is it necessary and so forth.

We need to be open to new ideas, such as training in street clothes in the carpark of the Dojo as our Krav Maga friends do, and for the same reasons "if" we are selling Aikido to the public as being for self defense. We also need to consider giving students training in closed spaces, such as subway trains or buses and so forth and showing people how their Aikido training will work well and potentially be one of the best MA's a person might study if they want to defend themselves and others in these types of situations.

I am not suggesting we change the content in anyway of Aikido, but I do feel that we need to be prepared to take it out of the dojo and into real modern situations if we want more people to choose this training.
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