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Re: "move your inside"

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George, can you give an example of the psychic energy exercise that you would do in order to appropriately "move your inside"?
I wouldn't have phrased it that way... Some of the so-called psychic energy work isn't really about moving your inside at all... although I have to say that, in terms of the dabbling I have done, various connections probably are firing when I do it. As I have stated before, I am not an "internal skills" expert.

The kind of thing I am talking about takes place before you physically touch. If you project your intent out to the oncoming uke, you meet his or her intention (which by virtue of deciding to attack, they have directed to you). At the point at which you have joined intentions in this manner, if you run the same kind of movement, either externally or internally that you would have at the instant of physical contact, you find that your partner starts being caught in that movement before he makes contact.

You can reach out with your intention and make the attacker feel as if their is no way for him to move forward. A number of people talked about facing the Founder and feeling frozen in place. I have played with this and can do it to some extent but not quite to that extent. Feeling Ushiro do it is quite something.

What I was basically talking about is how the intent effects the connection. You can start with a simple simple exercise like static katatetori. Start very neutral and then go deeper with the connection... to the wrist, to the elbow, to the shoulder, to the opposite shoulder, to the hip, to the back foot, to the front foot... if your attention is placed properly, not at the point of contact, you can move the connection around and connect with different parts of the partner's body and there won't be noticeable change at the point of contact. If there is a change in pressure at the point of contact, that's where your mind is going... at that point the technique is easily resistable.

That's the kind of thing I am talking about...

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