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Re: "move your inside"

Phi, I feel like Ikeda's points (connection, unity, change insides) all deal with application, rather than the building of the body that you are using in the application.
Now you are talking about the body that should be built. Very different between beginner and advanced. It's the missing piece that is historically talked about so rarely.

What I mean is, without good threads (or coils.. I think of it as both poles and rubber bands, aligned in specific places, and the interaction of these 2 types would feel like coils or springs), the ball is useless. And, without a good ball, strong threads are useless (not totally useless, but useless for the purposes talked about here).

I think Ikeda is doing great for his body. But beginners with less developed bodies should work within their means. So for a beginner to do the right thing, it looks a bit different from Ikeda-- because there are so few "right things" to do for an undeveloped body. My "change insides" might not include some of the things that Ikeda's "change insides" encompasses.
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