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Re: "move your inside"

"Only when you can lead another person's mind and Ki can you effectively lead that person's body. Therefore, before you can lead your partner's mind and Ki, you must first learn to control your own mind and body. In other words, before you can win over other people, you must first practice to win over yourself." -- Koichi Tohei

Very good post, thanks Phi! Just add my two cents:

Cent #1: Both the ball and the threads are more mind than physical. At first, it's imagination, at last, it becomes real.

Cent #2: IMHO, the threads are more like very thin coils, they're flexible, connecting your ball with the rest of your body. Through your Stance/ZhanZhuang(Chinese) training, your mind will become more and more calm and clear and you will have all the connections done. So at the end, your whole body will become a big beachball (filled with water) supported/connected by the coils from the center. Then whenever there is any disturbance/movement/changes happen to the surface, the center will immidiately sense that. When you move from your center ball, the whole outer ball moves accordingly because of the coils. Tohei sensei said it's easy to keep this feeling(Ki) when you're still, but it's hard to keep it when you move, esp when you're being attacked. It takes right practiceto achieve this, as Tohei sensei said "perfect practice makes perfect."

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