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Re: "move your inside"

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So Phi . . . is the 4-legged donkey a metaphor for the connected unity of nage and uke (each providing two legs)? If so, how does the nage's power extend into or affect uke except through the point(s) of contact?
i'll wait for other folks to answer this. if nobody chime in, then i'll. it's a bit lengthly. IS folks? helloooooo...... budd, where are you, bud?

Separately . . . how do you learn to rotate the ball (hara/dantien)? Are there specific exercises to do that? It's not aikido, but . . . in the Chinese art of taijiquan, teachers often say that the ability to rotate the hara/dantien will occur naturally over time as a consequence of training the form. This doesn't seem to happen for a lot of people, so I'm curious if there are separate exercises that would train movement of the hara in the aikido context. I'm assuming this would help in making the hara/dantien ball "bigger," as you describe.
you need to find and keep the one point first. folks have various ways to do this. the one, that i found that has a long history, is standing post. it's a good practice to manage the one point from static position and good to build leg strength. i talked about this in one of the thread. and also consider that the one point is the nexus of all the ground paths criss crossing your body.

once you have the one point/ball, then silk reeling. silk reeling isn't about waving your arms and twisting your body around. it's about moving your body using the dantien/hara ball. coupling that with some breathing process (now you know the term kokyu power) and you have good exercise to build your ball (i won't mention other ball exercises that those hormone raging teenage boys practices )

doing forms in order to build the ball is the same as moving the body in order to move the one point. you are doing the external stuffs.

for aikido, the rowing exercises and various Tohei's aiki taiso exercises would work, as long as you initiate all the movement using the one point/ball and breathing, kokyu remember?

Finally, are the "threads" that you write about related to the fascia often discussed here as providing the (or a) medium of internal connection? If so, where would I feel the movement (extension or contraction) of the "threads" . . . under the skin, and/or over or through the joints, and/or through the muscles? Those are all places where fascia wraps around or winds through the body.
for me the "threads" (need to find different term because the image could lead to confusion) are anything that are not bone and muscle, which includes skin, fascia, hair, blood vessels, and so on. i believed there a major channels, if you will, where the threads come together which chinese medicine folks refer to as meridians.

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