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Brad Darr
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New dojo Etiquette

So I have recently moved to Japan to teach, I posted a while back before I left and received a lot of help which I appreciate. So I have been here about a week now and finally will have time to go and train on Friday(I had planned on doing it earlier but I got lost in Kobe!, yes very funny I know). I am aware that traditionally in Japan when you come to someone's to visit you bring a gift and I was wondering how it would work in a dojo situation? If I was just visiting for one day I would obviously bring something just to be nice but I am planning on training 3-4 times a week for the next year maybe more, do I need to bring something the first time or is there other etiquette I need to know? I was hoping that either Peter Goldsbury senssei or Bryan Bateman would be able to weigh in on this as the latter lives in Hiroshima and the dojo I plan on training at is Seibukan that Bryan mentions regularly. Any help is appreciated as it is Wednesday here almost Thurdsday and I plan on training Friday morning. Thanks again.

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