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Re: Crisis of Faith

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I do not agree. As we both know aikido today focuses on dancing without music with a cooperative partner or wooden sticks. No mention knees and wrists devastation with no reason. It is caused by a total misunderstanding of Morihei Ueshiba's new Martial Art concept. I wrote about it a couple weeks ago. The idea is not to prevent nor provoke, but to react only if necessary. To react doesn't mean starting a fight. Simply means to kill or to spare an opponent's life. Till we will not get it (understanding is not enough) our training is useless and creates a very dangerous illusion. We still are taking a lot of common family time giving back false expectations. Our spouse and children definitely can't count on our ability to defend them in case of facing a real threat.
Well maybe you dance, and your training is useless, and your family is in immanent danger from real threats because your training sucks...congratulations, go you, excellent use of time! You seem to have it all figured out, well done! Now please go off and capture all this profound knowledge so we all may benefit and learn. I recommend stone tablets, they really stand the test of millennia in the digital dark ages; we'll be out here waiting for you to finish carving them, I promise.
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