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Re: Crisis of Faith

Stephen Irving wrote: View Post
It doesnt work, joe rogan says so.

Watch "Joe Rogan vs Aikido Guy on Effectiveness of Aikido" on YouTube
I think I commented on this podcast in another post, but this is maybe a better location for additional comments.

Joe brings up many good points in his podcast that are general perspectives held by a number of sister arts as critiques of aikido. While giving voice to the comments, I don't think Joe is saying anything new. While maybe better remembered for stand-up comedy or hosting Fear Factor, Joe Rogan has been around sport fighting for a while and holds a black belt or two himself. Second, I think most of what the martial arts community sees is jujutsu, not aikido.

There are points in this interview that are almost cringe-worthy, especially the dogmatic aikido response. Part of my crisis is finding the best way to honestly answer good questions from serious people, understanding that right now many of my answers are, "I can't do that." I try to be conscious of respecting what other people consider important in their training. Part of my training is guided by what I consider to be important, why should I dismiss what other people train?

I think part of Joe's comments are directed at the dismissal of what he considers important in his training. At one point, the discussion turns to the classic aikido uke - the enraged, drunk, offensive bar fly. Joe flat-out calls out the presumption the guy picking a fight at the bar [is in the wrong]. At another point, there is an exchange concerning the defense against a leg shoot. Leg shoots are the bread and butter of good wrestling, yet we dismiss that with a "I won't be there."

I think saying what we can (and can't do) and backing up what we say is important. I find myself defending other arts because I have a lot of friends who train in other things they feel are important and I respect what they do. Most of us can't stop a good harai goshi or defend an arm-bar. We don't practice it enough because we focus on those things we value.

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