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Re: 2 Martial Arts

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Yes. And, IMO, should be abandoned as early as possible. Learning how to time and control the timing of the attack is critical for effective technique, much less effective off-mat application, and is pretty much impossible if "standing still and waiting for violence to happen."

Katherine, a question. "When" is, in your opinion, "abandoned as early as possible" mean? Either in a objective time sense, i.e. 3 months or 1 year, or whatever.... or, in a subjective sense, when the instructor can visually/by means of tactile sense knowing, when the person is ready for that step?

Myself, I consider beginner training to be an exercise in reducing the amount of variables involved, so I always have beginners start in the same location, same stances etc., just so they can start to fit things into a "Form," which is something upon which we can grow from and expand with as we introduce more and more variables, e.g. opposite-side stances vs. mirroring-stances, attackers approaching from flanks or rear, more than one attacker, etc.

So, I suppose my question is, in your students, when do you move away from static training into dynamic training?

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