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im asking on the aikido side not the legal. but i understand there are consequences i may face when doing this.
You have to differentiate between dojo training and combat.

In the dojo, you cannot be aggressive. It hampers training and makes you a lousy partner. On the mats, aikido is a two-way thing, one will attack, the other defend. So you have to follow the role assigned at the time, when you attack, attack. When you perform, allow your uke to attack. This is training.

In combat. it's game on. Anything you can use to win, use to win. Now your opponent will resist, or worst, ambush you in confrontation. There are times when you will have to initiate the fight, to get the advantage. There times when you can hold back and wait. Whatever it is, you can't be rigid. Act according to the situation. This is combat.

Even in training, there may be times when you get the chance to experiment with techniques in jiyuwaza, or the instructor is very lenient, and open to experimentation. Here you could be aggressive, within reason. Strike harder to allow your uke to experience some weight, faster for speed. But communicate and adapt to the preferences of your partner.

Are you justified? It really depends, don't be afraid to communicate and make requests from your uke. Just be clear and polite in whatever you do.
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