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.... So if you want to accurately capture the meaning of the Japanese in English, it isn't going to make a lot of English sense. If you want it to sound good in English, you are going to have to add or subtract shades of meaning from the original. Furthermore, when you get into literature and poetry, there is an entire dimension of clever choices of kanji to express subtle or even multiple meanings. Note that [love-cross] comment in your first doka!

And I believe that Japanese poetry also expresses meaning using the caligraphy itself. So even if you were fluent in literary Japanese and reading it as typewritten characters, you'd still be missing thay layer of meaning.

So I don't think this type of writing is meant to be clear at all, or at least not explicit. Osensei is not trying to say something that is to be specifically interpreted. Not to take away from the importance of Chris Li's translations that he makes available to all of us.
This is what I meant when I posted "clear as mud", no disrespect intended just an observation.
Too many nuances of the language and culture of the Japanese and Chinese language and culture over the centuries to get a clear meaning.
Can you explain what you are talking about using modern biology of the body, like muscular, skeletal system, nervous system, facia, etc.?


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