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Re: Why do some people hate Aikido?

Henry Ellis wrote: View Post

I honestly don't remember the word ``Ki`` being used more than two or three times from when I started Aikido in 1957 until the mid 1970s. Its does seem odd when I remember Kenshiro Abbe say `` we will only speak of Ki when you are dan grade `` now Ki students are invited from ``day one `` to step on the mat and learn to breath through their toes and the promise of multi coloured ribbons...

TK Chiba Sensei arrived in the UK in 1966, I joined him in 1967, I was his assistant for several years, I have no memory of ever discussing Ki on or off the mat.

Why arn't these people who do these fantastic things with Ki on the TV ??? If what they do was real ?, they would make a fortune..........


Henry Ellis
RE: The Emphasis on Ki

These are the main differences in training approaches between the various Aikido schools/ryus/styles.

Some emphasise a wide variety of techniques in Kyu grades & only introduce Ki extensions in the Dan grades,
while others emphasise Ki extensions (on a handful of basic techniques) in Kyu grades & only begin exploring the wider range of techniques in the Dan grades.

There are pros & cons for each approach. My Ryu, Tendoryu, adopts the latter approach. For Kyu grades, to develop our Ki extension from our centre, we practise on 4 basic techniques: Ikkyo, Shiho Nage, Kotegaeshi & Irimi Nage continuously.
Only from Shodan that we begin exploring the other less-known techniques.

RE: Ki a mysticalmagical thing??

I believe there is Ki in everyone of us. We just have to learn to develop, control & project it.

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