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Re: Why do some people hate Aikido?

Michael Gallagher wrote: View Post
The last couple of years, I've gained some insight into the finacial side of the martial arts. Basically, if you want to get rich quick, do something else.

If you have a storefront school, the only way to even hope of breaking even -- forget about turning a profit, you just want enough to pay the rent! -- the only hope is to have a kids' class, the bigger, the better; and a pro shop, selling equipment and uniforms. And even then, you charge what the market will bear. Some places you can charge $1000 for a black belt test. Other places, no way. If you're hosting a tournament or a seminar, you'd better hope enough people come in from out of town and pay the seminar fee. to even hope of getting back whatever it cost to put that thing together! If you don't have a stoerfront, fewer costs but probably fewer revenues. And if you're talking about at most a half a dozen people rocking and rolling in someone's basement, then anything you make is probably gas money and little else.

Now if the "they" making a fortune are the Aikikai foundation, then I have no idea if they're turnig a profit; ditto for the other organizations out there. But they face the same economic realities I mentioned above. If you have a lot of revenues, you only make a "fortune" if you don't have a lot of costs! And they have their work cut out for them. And if you're bouncing all over the place teaching seminars, the jet lag seems to counter the "riches" coming in.

This is not to say there aren't huksters in the MA world; of course there are. But for those who are sincere about what they're doing, they'd better be motivated by the love of the arts rather than getting rich off it because in most cases you probably won't.
I'm well aware of that.... believe me....

I'm talking about people who are gullible no matter what you tell them and there are quite a number on this site.... it's evident to me
But maybe I'm too cutting and honest about how I see and rationalise things.......
Nobody possesses mystical powers.... knowledge, maybe but magic absolutely not..... It does not exist...... period
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