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Re: Kaeshiwaza Sample Clip - George Ledyard

Szczepan Janczuk wrote: View Post
You know, George, we have similar view what aikido is. But this clip is very boring AND I'm using a lot of etiquette to describe my feelings here
After watching it, I would never buy dvd. 5 minutes of talking, one throw and again 5 minutes of talking... Is this your usual style of teaching? :0

I don't think it is a right way of teaching kaeshi waza. Starting with your partner, who is not even trying to unbalance you correctly, nor doing kotegaeshi...he is simply going through the motions waiting for your counter. So all this situation is completely fake right from the beginning...

You are not presenting how to behave as a Uke in 'normal' scenario, when Nage is doing full power technique on you. Nage is much shorter and much weaker then you...It is not adding much credibility to the the rest of dvd. It is not easy to believe that the way you are doing a counter will work successfully with Nage the same size as you...
Constructive criticism indeed...

The whole point about nage being bigger than Tori is irrelevant IMO. An instructional video should illustrate mechanics clearly. I thought the kaeshi was a very interesting counter. The technique seemed to engage mainly the shoulder as opposed to the spine/hips?
Didn't hear the explanation though.
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