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Mike Sigman
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Re: Mixing Aikido with other martial arts

Jorge Garcia wrote:
5) How many people that comment on a thread like this have done Aikido long enough to start to understand it. I have been studying it for 11 years and I am just starting to barely understand what my teacher explains to me and shows me.
Hi Jorge:

Well, to be fair, there should be *some* idea of how long it takes to use Aikido as a martial art or for self-defense, whatever. Even in Tai Chi (Taiji is the current preferred spelling), it's expected to take at least 5 years, according to the Chinese. The fact that many westerners have been practicing Taiji for 30-40 years and can't use it as a martial art suggests that it's either them or their teacher, doesn't it? I.e., it's not that the martial art is lacking. So maybe if people at least suggested the possibility that the reason cross-training is needed for Aikido *MAY* be not just the fault of Aikido... that should be considered as well.
By the way, I personally suggest Wing Chun, BJJ, a knife and a 38.
I suggest getting in shape... the mind knows when the body is in fighting shape and worries disappear proportionately. Notice how O-Sensei worked out constantly to maintain his normal strength and his ki strength.

I assume you suggest a knife and a gun so you can cut 'em if they stand and shoot 'em if they run.

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