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Re: The continued Evolution of Aikido

Clarence Couch wrote: View Post
But wait, I just can't accept if that just because you change one thing in a MA, that alone makes it a whole different "species" nor that that specifically defines evolve.
Ok, don't.

Clarence Couch wrote:
???? Dr Sieser incorrectly, misusing a term???
"...incorrectly, misusing a term???" Better think that one over Gene. You've just implied that the term was used correctly and you're questioning its usage. Glad to see we agree on that.

Clarence Couch wrote:
How do you know those "do's" aren't being competed?
I never said they weren't being competed, only that they're not considered sports. Would you consider an art competition a sport?

Clarence Couch wrote:
So you're saying Aikido and Aiki-jutsu is the same thing? That can't be right.
Insofar as both are martial arts, yes.