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Angela Dunn
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Re: What makes a teacher great?

For me (after having A LOT of teachers throughout my academic studies and Two really great Sensei's ) the best teachers for me have two common qualities, a passion for what they are teaching and patience. Although things like actually turning up to teach and remembering my name and a little bit about me help a lot.

Without a passion for the subject how can a teacher engage with his student. In order to teach well you have to make a subject come alive and if you can not do that then a teacher is in serious trouble.

Patience should be pretty self explanatory, there are days when students are just not going to get even the simplest of things and need help grasping them. If you get frustrated with them then they are not going to have the esteem to go on and try new things (be it subjects or moves!)

Other important things imo is making a class feel fun and relaxed and also allowing people to ask questions and taking the time to answer them (or guiding them to where to find answers themselves) and taking the time to listen to students pov. If a teacher is willing to learn and be challenged by students thats a sign, for me anyways , of not only a good teacher but a good person. Finally what was once described to me by one of my fave college teachers as "being a students very own cheerleader", meaning encouraging them to give things a go and boosting confidence in their own abilities. I think that's another big aspect of teaching to, if not the biggest actually.
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